Spiritual Alliance of New York

All are welcome to our community, regardless of your beliefs or spiritual path!

We are a spiritual community of individuals committed to making the world a better place. Our welcoming and inclusive Spiritualist-Metaphysical community is dedicated to individual transformation and collective growth. While we are a Spiritualist community, we honor all paths to God, also referred to as Infinite Intelligence, Divine Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, and nurture a sense of oneness and spiritual connection with all beings. We believe in a power greater than ourselves.

We believe that an invisible law, force, Power and Intelligence governs everything in the universe. We, as individuals, endeavor to discover our immediate relationship to that Power and become partners in Its universal activities including communication with those in spirit through mediumship.
Our church is also a community for those who are spiritual, but not necessarily religious and we believe that every person is on a spiritual journey which will ultimately lead to their greatest good. Services are often attended by those of various beliefs.

Our teachings are based on the philosophy, science and religion of Spiritualism and the perennial philosophy and spiritual truths found in eastern, western, and indigenous religions, the Bible and other sacred texts, New Thought, metaphysical writers, mystics, philosophers and quantum scientists

Spiritual Alliance of New York, Inc. is a Non-profit Religious Corporation, affiliated with and chartered by The National Spiritual Alliance of The U.S.A., Inc., Lake Pleasant, MA.

A Spiritualist-Metaphysical Church
Albany, New York
The Water Lilly

"Though it strikes its
roots into the mud,
sends its shoots up,
through the putrid
waters and spreads its
leaves over the green
scum of the pond; yet
it evolves purity,
beauty, and fragrance,
and but dies to live
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