About Us -

We are a spiritual community in the region and hope you will grow with us. Currently we will be conducting our Sunday Services at the Science of Mind Center at 501 New Karner Road, Albany, New York. (Rosewood Plaza)

Services are usually scheduled on Sundays beginning at 2 p.m. Our service includes: an inspirational talk/lecture, healing meditation and may include messages from the spirit world. We also will be scheuling Sunday healing services which include hands-on-healing and healing meditation.

Spiritual Alliance of New York

A Spiritualist-Metaphysical Church
Albany, New York
Ministerial Services
Our ministers are available for pastoral counseling, marriage ceremonies, memorial services and spiritual healing.
Classes and Workshops
Spiritual Healling,Mediumship Certification, Spiritual Development, and more. Please check our Class and Event Schedule for our listing of events and classes.
* Sunday Services
* Development Circles
* Classes and Workshops
* Ministerial Services

What we believe -

Principles of The National Spiritual Alliance of the USA

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Our Ministers
Our ministers are ordained Spiritualist ministers in good standing of The National Spiritual Alliance of the U.S.A. a nationally recognized Spiritualist denomination. Our certified healers and mediums are also nationally certified by the National Spiritual Alliance.

The Water Lilly

"Though it strikes its
roots into the mud,
sends its shoots up,
through the putrid
waters and spreads its
leaves over the green
scum of the pond; yet
it evolves purity,
beauty, and fragrance,
and but dies to live
Spiritual Healing & Mediumship spiritualist_life_church001003.jpg
The Rosewood Plaza property management has a No Smoking policy in the parking lots and in any of the building units. Thank you for your cooperation.